outdoor neon signage of former Anderson's Restaurant in Charlotte, NC taken in the early morning hours
empty order clips in Anderson's Restaurant kitchen in Charlotte, NC before they open for breakfast taken on the last day the restaurant was open
a black and white image of a line cook looking at orders in Anderson's Restaurant kitchen in Charlotte, North Carolina.
African American line cook in Anderson's Restaurant kitchen photographed behind a stack on white dinner plates
a sign taped to a wall in a restaurant kitchen telling employees to not lift toaster grate with a knife
African American female cook posing for a portrait in Anderson's kitchen restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina. photo by Rick Hovis
well used pots and pans hanging from a rack in a restaurant kitchen in Charlotte, NC
food orders waiting to be filled in a restaurant kitchen.
a waitress rushing to get food orders out from the kitchen to customers in the dining room.  slow shutter speed and movement creates the motion effect
stacks of aluminum pie pans on a metal rack in a restaurant kitchen.
pecan pies cooling on a rack in Anderson's Restaurant kitchen in Charlotte, North Carolina.
a waitress rushing back into  Anderson's Restaurant kitchen to place more food orders.
a do not smoke in bathroom sign on a door in a kitchen restaurant
after a long day cooking in the restaurant pots and pans and a small plate and spoon are left by a stove
a smiling African American man in a hat and apron washing dishes in Anderson's Restaurant kitchen
an older African American male restaurant cook taking a cigarette break on some stairs
a sign taped to the front door of Anderson's Restaurant in Charlotte, NC letting customers know the restaurant is closed early due to being out of food and will open tomorrow at 6:00 am.
a Anderson's restaurant African American male employee in a hat and apron takes a quick break from sweeping and reflects on the years he has worked at the restaurant which is now closing
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